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The Garden Wall

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The Garden Wall - Glacier National Park, Montana

Photos by Jim Stiles
Jim Stiles Photography

     One of the most popular stops in Glacier National Park takes Logan Pass Visitor Center - Glacier National Park, MT in a dramatic, long narrow ridge called the Garden Wall. Noted for its bighorn sheep, mountain goats, grizzlies, flowering plants and shrubs, this view easily conveys the attraction. There’s lots of activity at Logan Pass, including visitor center traffic and the trailheads for Hidden Lake and Highline trails. The Highline Trail runs from Logan Pass to the Granite Park Chalet and introduces visitors and hikers to an aręte (The Garden Wall). After glaciers carved away the rock on each side of the ridge, all that's left is a rock spine that stretches out for miles. The Highland Trail follows along this ridge Many Glacier Mountain Goatline with sweeping views of Lake McDonald Valley on one side, and Many Glacier Valley to the northeast.
     For those afraid of heights and looking for a shorter trail, a boat tours from Many Glacier Lodge cross Swift Current and Josephine lakes to the Grinnell Lake Trail. Pictured here is a stunning view from Lake Grinnell, presenting the incredible cliffs of the Garden Wall. Both lake and glacier have been named for writer, naturalist, historian, and editor of Field and Stream, George Bird Grinnell. Moved by the mass destruction of Yellowstone’s buffalo herds in the late 1800s, Grinnell mounted a spirited campaign to stop the senseless killing. Grinnell also led a strong fight for Congressional support of the national park idea.

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