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Baring Falls

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Baring Falls - Glacier National Park, Montana

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Entering Glacier National Park from the east through Saint Mary Visitor Center, Sun Point signals the last stop for larger vehicles. Baring Falls Trail - Glacier National Park, MT Beyond the roadway begins the climb toward Logan Pass and vehicles over 10 feet may encounter difficulty with the Going-to-the-Sun Road's steep grades, hairpin turns, narrow lanes and overhanging rock cliffs. A short distance from Sun Point at Sun Rift Gorge, Baring Creek cascades down the mountainside through a tight gorge and is funneled under the highway. Roadside sightseers will enjoy this streaming cascade during early summer when area waterfalls are at their peak, but many are unaware that Baring Falls is just a short hike downstream. Baring Falls - Sun Rift Gorge - Glacier National Park, MT The trail (0.4 miles) begins at the Baring Creek Bridge, where native stone was used to build one of the most graceful arched spans in the park.
   A quick descent toward the falls, waterfall fans will arrive at the junction to a trio of waterfalls. A sign post directs hikers to Baring Falls to the right and Saint Marys Falls to the left.
   Dropping about 40 feet in height, it's easy to imagine in the dense foliage that Baring Falls is easily heard long before you see it. Tucked back in a ravine, a log footbridge crosses Baring Creek for a better falls viewpoint. Although highly discouraged, still a few visitors climb to the top of the falls for a different perspective. Hikers may return to the Sun Rift pull-out and climb up to see the 200 foot Sun Rift Gorge or follow the trail westward to Saint Mary's Falls and Virginia Falls.

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