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East Glacier Park Lodge

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Glacier Park Lodge - East Glacier, Montana

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     East Glacier Park Lodge, located just outside Glacier National Park in Montana, was developed by Louis Hill, President of the Great Northern Railway, and son of James J. Hill in the early 1900s. Hoping to entice the wealthy to See America First, the Hills poured all their efforts into a string of impressive lodges that would generate more business for their Great Northern Railroad.
     It's no coincidence that the era of the grand lodges arrived with the railroads. Louis Hill lobbied heavily to have things go his way and stepped down as president just to oversee lodge construction, paying attention to every detail. The lodge, built around a three-story lobby, used Douglas fir columns measuring 40 feet high to support the structure. Glacier Park Lodge - East Glacier, Montana Laborers, craftsmen and carpenters lived at this remote site while construction of the lodge was underway. A majority of the building materials, including massive columns and timbers, were gathered from the surrounding area.
     Coupled with Teddy Roosevelt's advocacy of conservation and the creation of many national parks, the big lodge era promoted a love for America's new national parks. Hotels with hundreds of rooms and towering interiors pampered well-to-do easterners who took the opportunity to see the magnificent landscapes of the West. Lavish railcars and first class rail service, coupled with elaborate lodges, made touring an exotic experience.

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