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Lunch Creek

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Lunch Creek - Glacier National Park, Montana

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   With more than 200 waterfalls in Glacier National Park, it's a sure bet everyone that's thoroughly explored the park has a favorites list. Although Florence Falls maybe one of the most spectacular falls, most park visitors won't want to hike the 10 miles to see it. So, most park waterfall lists included the beautiful Running Eagle Falls, McDonald Falls, St. Mary Falls, Avalanche Gorge Cascade and Baring Falls, all within an easy hiking distances. What's missing on these lists may be the most obvious. Here along the roadside, Lunch Creek cascades down from Pollock Mountain and runs under the Going-to-the-Sun Road.
   Nearly sitting on top of the Continental Divide, Lunch Creek has been a historic rest stop for Sun Road visitors for nearly a century. Lunch Creek - Glacier National Park, MT Nearing the halfway point, the Lunch Creek pullout is just a few minutes from the Logan Pass Visitor Center. With no official trail, many visitors follow the cascading creek up the mountainside. Unfortunately many plants and wildflowers are trampled as some climbers create their own routes. The Park Service is quick to prevent hillside erosion and spends a great deal of time replacing native vegetation. Please heed these signs and follow well worn paths while enjoying the 500 foot tall cascading Lunch Creek.

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