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City Skyline - Seattle, Washington

Photos by Jim Stiles
Jim's Seattle Gallery

     This Seattle skyline view, with a dominate Mount Rainier from Lake Union - Seattle, Washington Space Needle thrust skyward and Mount Rainier seeming to float in the distance, highlights one of the most recognized city scenes in the world. A trip to the top of the Space Needle quickly reveals that Seattle lies on a narrow strip of land between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington. The waterfront on Elliott Bay is a flurry of activity as cars and trucks dart in and out of city streets, hundreds of passengers pile aboard the Puget Sound ferries, tugs move huge Space Needle - Seattle, Washington ships in and out of the harbor, and occasionally the sounds of gulls and foghorns break the steady city buzz.
     Initially, the town grew up around the port, exporting shiploads of lumber to support the Gold Rush boom in San Francisco. The arrival of the Great Northern Railway to Tacoma in 1875 first disappointed Seattle residents, but a railroad spur greatly contributed to the town's economic expansion. Along came a devastating fire in 1889, reducing more than 30 blocks to ashes. Seattle, named for a friendly Indian chief, quickly recovered. The town went on to play host to its first World's Fair in 1909, spurring on more development.
     Today, the tri-cities of Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue make up the largest metro area in the West, having a bigger resident population than the Pike Place Marketremainder of the state. Here, Emerald City visitors will find the area steeped in arts and culture. Museums, parks, gardens, and sports centers are sprinkled throughout the city. One of the highlights for any hungry tourist is a trip to Pike Place Market. Found on the waterfront, this lively market is the oldest operating farmer's market in the United States. The establishment covers seven city blocks, houses 600 vendors and has remained largely unchanged over the last 100 years. So if you're in to shopping, golf, major league sports, sightseeing, hiking or fine dining, Seattle has it all.

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