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Edmonds Waterfront

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Edmonds Waterfront - Washington

Photos by Jim Stiles
Jim Stiles Photography

     Stay in your lane, no cutting in line, obey weight limits, watch out for height restrictions Ferry - Puget Sound, Washington and enjoy the ride; a few of the highlights youíll read while waiting to board the Washington State Ferry System. Here in the Evergreen State, the majority of the population lives along the bustling I-5 corridor. Often called the Puget Sound Region, this area lies within 60 miles of the Pacific Ocean. The Puget Sound and its complex web of estuaries and marine waterways pose a series of major transportation obstacles. Created in 1951, Washington now operates a fleet of twenty-plus ferries, overcoming some of the hindrances cause by the broad Puget Sound. Carrying more than 23 million passengers a year, the ferry system makes 450 trips per day. Puget Sound residents can no longer imagine their section of the state without America's largest water transportation system.
     In this cool harbor scene, Mukilteo Lighthouse - Mukilteo, Washington the ferry waits on the final passengers to board on the Edmonds waterfront. Just 15 miles to the north of the Seattle metro area, Edmonds is considered a small-town community. Its picturesque waterfront radiates a seaside ambiance. Its sparkling shops, restaurants, parks and beachside scenery express the community's sense of pride. A continuous line-up of arts and crafts shows and festivals showcase Edmondís very own artist colony. From Edmonds, outbound ferry passengers are headed to Kingston. After a 30 minute ferry ride, passengers arrive at the little city by the sea, and the northern gateway to the Olympic Peninsula.

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