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Space Needle - Seattle Center, Washington

Photo by Chris Henn
Inset photo by Jim Stiles

     One of the largest metro areas of the northwest, Seattle is located on the Puget Sound and surrounded with wonderful mountain and waterfront views. Within such a large city, visitors can expect all types of entertainment and must-see points of interest. And the first items on everyone's list are two of the city's most famous landmarks, the Pike Place Market and Space Needle.
     Truly a one-of-a-kind modern marvel, the Space Needle is the main focal point of the Seattle Center. Space Needle - Seattle City View, Washington Construction was completed just in time for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair and became the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River at the time.
     Along with the fair's Pacific Science Center, monorail, opera house and Aquadrome, the 605 feet Space Needle complemented the World's Fair futuristic theme. The Space Needle idea was conceived on a coffee shop placemat in 1959 by Edward E. Carlson. Design, financing and the search for a desirable building site took a considerable amount of time, leaving only 13 months for construction. Space Needle elevators were completed just one day before the fair's April opening. The Space Needle is Seattle's number one tourist attraction, featuring the unique revolving SkyCity Restaurant. The 360 degree observation deck overlooks the Emerald City and offers a grand view of Mount Rainier.

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