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Pike Place Market

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Pike Place Market - Seattle, Washington

Photo by Jim Stiles
Jim Stiles Photography
Inset photos by Sam Prepelka

     Almost as famous as Seattle's Space Needle, Pike Place Market attracts more Pike Fruit Stand than 10 million visitors a year. Spread out over nine acres on a hillside overlooking Elliot Bay, the multi level market offers a wide range of shops that sell anything from artwork and collectables to seafood and produce. Recognized as a premier farmer's market, more than 200 businesses are open all year, while another 300 farmers and craftsmen operated seasonally. Fresh Fish on Ice  - City Fish, Pike Place Market
     Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Pike Place Market initially answered a plea for affordable produce in the early 1900s. Seattle's historic notes from 1907 tell of city councilman Thomas Revelle's idea to set up the city's first farmer's market. Eight farmers and their wagon loads of produce were met by thousands of people. After its instant success, the first permanent building took shape a few months later, leading to today's sprawling market. Group tours of 10 or more introduce City Fish Sign newcomers to this lively string of shops and shop-owners. Meet the current cast of bakers, butchers, farmers and fish mongers. Watch fish fly from prep area to counter at the City Fish Market. Join the fun by tossing your payment, via a tennis ball, to the cashiers. But be prepared as the tennis ball flies back with your change and receipt. Also on the tour, you'll hear an abridged version of the 100 year history of Pikes Place Market, ranging from yesteryear's ghosts to the shopkeeper's current day philosophy and their direct link from producer to customer.

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