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Dickey House, Antebellum Plantation - Stone Mountain, Georgia

Photo by Ben Prepelka
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     Stone Mountain Park, famous for its theme park style attractions under a huge bare granite mountain, offers other not so famous attractions Stone Mountain Park - Dickey House geared more toward Georgia history. In the Stone Mountain Park Natural Area, park visitors will discover a 19th century covered bridge and grist mill. Stone Mountain Park - Antebellum Plantation Another attraction just across the road from the theme park area, guests are invited to explore a century old Antebellum Plantation.
     The Antebellum Plantation site is made up of over a dozen authentic and historic buildings, dating between 1792 and 1875. The centerpiece for the grounds is the Dickey House, built in the 1840s. The two story plantation home features 14 rooms, surrounded by neoclassical architecture. Leading up to the the entrance, its twin staircases represent welcoming arms. The entrance way is highlighted with a Palladian arched window. Stone Mountain Park - Antebellum Plantation
     The Dickey House was moved to Stone Mountain in 1961 from its original site in Albany. The house, received in poor condition, was wonderfully restored and is complete with period furnishings. Outbuildings are spread throughout the grounds, and include slave cabins, the Thornton and Kingston houses, a classic coach-house, smokehouse and one-room schoolhouse. Children are especially fascinated with the farmyard where small pigs, goats, sheep and chickens await to be hand-fed. Along with a necessary vegetable garden, the plantation is complemented with a formal garden and gazebo.

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