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Stone Mountain Grist Mill

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Stone Mountain Grist Mill - Stone Mountain, Georgia

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Stone Mountain Natural District, an undeveloped part of the park, is home to two historic structures. Stone Mountain Covered Bridge Both 19th century focal points on Stone Mountain Lake are popular stops for park visitors. An expensive venture, the covered bridge and grist mill were moved into the park during the 1960s.
   First erected in Athens, Georgia, by Washington W. King, son of the legendary bridge designer and builder Horace King, the 150 foot covered bridge formerly spanned the North Branch of the Oconee River. Built in 1891 for Clarke County residents with a price tag of 2470 dollars, the lattice truss bridge was moved to Stone Mountain in 1965.
   Here at the Grist Mill Picnic Area, the historic mill creates one of the most picturesque scenes in the park. Stone Mountain Grist Mill Located on a small creek that powers the mill, the grist mill site sees a steady stream of admirers. Built in 1867 in Georgia's Fannin County, the abandoned mill was discovered near Ellijay. Carefully dismantled and moved to Stone Mountain, the mill and its milling equipment were reassembled, complete with millstones and a stone millrace. The 13 foot overshot wooden water-wheel was painstakenly replicated by a devoted carpenter and continues its never ending journey today without a care.

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