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Lake Champlain

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Lake Champlain

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Although it's not as large as any of America's Great Lakes, Lake Champlain was an important waterway, stretching out between New York and Vermont for nearly 125 miles. Extending on into Canada, Lake Champlain lies between the Green Mountains in the east and New York State's Adirondacks. Views in either direction come complete with beautiful mountain scenery in the background. Champlain Statue In this Lake Champlain view, the cool blue waters and hazy Adirondack Mountains create a peaceful setting for this late morning angler.
   Fed by nine major rivers, Lake Champlain's deep waters have a moderating effect of the entire valley. Although it occasionally freezes over completely, the lake is quick to bring on the first signs of spring in the entire area.
   Named for French explorer Samuel de Champlain, the Lake proved to be an important commercial link during the 18th and 19th centuries. No longer a major avenue for commerce, its recreational benefits have taken center-stage. Along with drawing in anglers from both states, scenic routes around the lake offer motorists, bicyclists, lighthouse fans and hikers plenty of green space, historic landmarks and charming towns. Regional events and festivals are a great way to get acquainted with all that the Lake Champlain area has to offer.

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