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Georgia Aquarium - Atlanta, Georgia

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Just a little over seven years old, the Georgia Aquarium has become one of Atlanta's most popular attractions. Georgia Aquarium Main Gallery - Atlanta, GA Easily the world's largest, the Aquarium covers over 13 acres and holds over 8 million gallons of water. Jellies - Georgia Aquarium - Atlanta, GA Representing more than 500 aquatic species, the Aquarium is one of the few that houses whale sharks among its 120,000 sea creatures. Other rarities include beluga whales, manta rays and great hammerhead sharks.
     Sponsored by large corporations, six additional galleries join the Ocean Voyager aquarium exhibit. The Cold Water Quest allows visitors Penguin - Georgia Aquarium - Atlanta, GA to enjoy up-close sights of beluga whales, penguins and southern sea otters. River Scout exhibits include the fierce looking piranha and American alligator. The Georgia Explorer features a touch tank of rays and glimpses of lionfish and sea turtles. While the Tropical Diver presents some of the most colorful fish, sea corals and enchanting jelly fish, Ocean Voyager tank - Georgia Aquarium - Atlanta, GA the Dolphin Tales show is one of the most popular and newest programs at the Aquarium.
     Located on land donated by the Coca-Cola Company, the non-profit Aquarium idea and financial backing was lead by Home Depot's Bernard Marcus. In this street view where a magnolia tree just begins to bud, the Aquarium's blue metal and glass facade is meant to evoke an image of an ark breaking a wave.

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