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Stone Mountain Village - Stone Mountain, Georgia

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Volcanic eruptions are some of the most spectacular Bas Relief Sculpture - Stone Mountain, Georgia events of nature. Massive surface volcanoes are a rarity compared to the movements of lava below the surface. Unseen for millions of years, lava is forced into factures in the earth's crust. These igneous structures are called plutons, named for the Roman god of the Underworld, Pluto.
     One of the largest plutons in America's southeast is found at Stone Mountain, Georgia. Located on the outskirts of Atlanta, this huge doom looms 825 feet above its surroundings and extends nine miles below the surface. SkyHike - Stone Mountain, Georgia This popular theme park features the largest bas-relief (rock sculpture) in the world. The carving, a dream by C. Helen Plane (UDC), depicts three of the Confederate leaders of the Civil War, Jefferson Davis, Thomas J. Jackson, and Robert E. Lee. Stone Mountain puts on a patriotic tribute during summer nights, including a laser light show and fireworks, with classical and popular music.
     Although the size of Stone Mountain may attract Summit Sky Ride - Stone Mountain, Georgia the younger generation's brief gaze, it's the theme park attractions that grab their attention. Whether it's fun in the Great Barn, a 4-D journey in Rio de Janeiro, a SkyHike among the treetops or getting soaked at Geyser Towers, kids will be in 7th heaven. Parents may persuade the kids to take a break and take a trip aboard the Summit SkyRide, or actually conquer Stone Mountain on foot. Park rides can always be great fun, and the Scenic Railroad and the Duck vehicles await.
     The Stone Mountain Railroad is one of many park attractions. The five mile excursion runs around the mountain in 1940s open-air cars, giving passengers a grand tour at the base of the huge monadnock. Sing-alongs and train theme music make it fun for all.

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