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Falling Spring Falls

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Falling Spring Falls - Falling Spring, Virginia

Photos by Amanda Haddox
Amanda Haddox Photography

Falling Spring Falls - Autumn    What a difference a few months make! The glow of Virginia's brilliant foliage (inset) has faded, replaced by a frosty white layer of snow and a forest of leafless trees. The ever faithful Falling Springs Falls continues to flow vigorously despite the season.
     This 80 foot cascade is found just north of Covington, Virginia, one of the most popular landmarks in the Alleghany Highlands. Recently donated by the Mead Westvaco Company, a 19 acre parcel surrounds the Falling Spring Falls. With extensive improvements complete, Falling Spring Falls Rendering waterfall visitors may now thoroughly enjoy the waterfall from the Falling Spring Overlook. This roadside attraction, maintained by Douthat State Park personnel, has become a favorite stop on U.S. Route 220.
   Part of 1771 land grant issued by Great Britain's King George III, this remarkable waterfall attracted the attention of Thomas Jefferson, then Governor of Virginia. Commenting on the falls, Jefferson wrote that this falls was one of the most remarkable sights in the country. Mining operations have since moved the falls and altered this marvelous site. If the falls were anything like this century old rendering (inset), it's easy to understand Jefferson's excitement.

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