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Little Stony Creek

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Little Stony Creek - Cascades Recreation Area, Pembroke, Virginia

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   The Cascades Recreation Area, located in Virginia's Jefferson National Forest, was an area engaged in heavily Cascade Trail Stairs - Pembroke, Virginialogging during the 1920s and 30s. Today the only evidence that remains is a portable boiler used to power a sawmill. The U.S. Forest Service purchased the Cascades Area in 1965. Access was established along Little Stony Creek, a native trout stream, and the area opened to the public. Two separate and very distinct trails were built to provide visitors alternate ways to Cascade Falls - Pembroke, Virginia hike to Cascade Falls. A valley trail traces the streambed of Little Stony Creek, allowing hikers to enjoy all the sights and sounds of countless cascades on the way to Cascade Falls. The upper trail, pretty much downhill the entire way, is a rather broad trail and creates an easier return hike to the parking area.
   Springtime flood waters in 1996 ripped out trail bridges and damaged the trails. By 1999 the park replaced three bridges, and reopened the two mile scenic trail alongside Little Stony Creek. This is one of the most popular waterfall hike in Virginia and is labled moderate as the elevation gain to the falls is 740 feet. Water flows down from Salt Pond Mountain, dropping 66 feet at Cascade Falls, and creates a delightful reward for all who make the trek. This scenic wonder, not too far from the Blue Ridge Parkway, is found north of Pembroke, near the border of West Virginia.

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