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Beartown - West Virginia

Photos by Clayton Parsons
Clayton's Photo Gallery

     Located on the Eastern Summit of West Virginia's Droop Mountain, Beartown State Park houses an unusual collection of rock formations that remind some visitors of a small city. The results of erosion, huge blocks of Droop and Pottsville sandstone have split apart, creating deep vertical fissures. Beartown Boardwalk Some of these cracks open from three feet wide, creating inviting footpaths. These long walkways between the rocks remind Beartown explorers of city streets, lining both sides with miniature skyscrapers.
     Many of the cave-like rock shelters gave the impression of bear dens, leading to the state park's stirring name of Beartown. A boardwalk is laced into this natural jumble of unusual rock formations. The boardwalk ushers visitors through narrow crevasses, under cliff overhangs, passed mineral stained rock walls. Plants that tenaciously cling to any little foothold, vary from delicate mosses and ferns to the park’s towering hemlocks. Beartown State Park hasn't escaped the deadly scourge of the wooly adelgid. The Aphid-like creature has attacked the park's hemlocks, causing the loss of needles and a serious decline in the trees health. Young birch trees have already begun to fill this empty niche in the eco-system, showing a fascinating page of natural evolution.



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