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Arkansas River

Arkansas River - Colorado

Photo by Marilyn Porter
Marilyn's PBase Gallery

     Colorado's Chaffee County, located on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, has more 14,000 foot peaks and spectacular mountain scenery than most other regions in the state. Its western border loosely follows the Continental Divide and gives birth to the sixth longest river in America. The Arkansas River headwaters begin nearby one of the highest towns in the world, Leadville. As the Arkansas rushes southward, the river passes by the famous Collegiate Peaks, and drops 4600 feet over 120 miles. Here, the Arkansas cuts through Brown's Canyon and the Royal Gorge, creating some of the state's most exciting whitewater runs.
     Just south of Nathrop, the river runs through the Arkansas Headwaters State Park, following U.S. Route 24 and Route 291. At Salida, the Arkansas begins to follow U.S. Route 50 as it heads eastward to the Colorado plains. Beyond the Colorado border, the river passes through three more states on its 1450 mile journey to the Mississippi River.
     This view captures the Upper Arkansas, mostly recognized for its whitewater rafting and kayaking adventures. In the spring and summer, the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area provides rapids that vary from wild to mild. By October, in the dry season, the Arkansas has slowed considerably, but remains a great area for fishing, hiking, camping and wildlife watching.



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