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Cottonwood Pass

Cottonwood Pass

Photo by Paul Winters
High Country Aerie

     Heading west from Colorado's town of Buena Vista, CR 306 climbs through the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness Area and over the Continental Divide. A combination of county roads make up this sightseers drive from Buena Vista to Almont. A paved road from the east to Cottonwood Pass is close to more than a dozen of Colorado 14ers. The Collegiate Peaks, with half of the Ivy League schools represented, make for some very popular climbs. The 14 mile stretch, from Cottonwood Pass to Taylor Reservoir, a twisting dirt track, travels over CR 209.
     Taylor Park Reservoir, Ptarmigan Lake, a roadside cascade and the Gladstone Mine ghost town add more tidbits of intrigue along this scenic route. Although the Cottonwood Pass Road is not one of Colorado's official scenic byways, the route offers dozens of grand viewpoints, such as this southerly view from 12,000 feet atop the pass.



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