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Leadville Historic District

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Leadville Historic District - Colorado

Photos by Marilyn Porter
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     Perched on a mountaintop at nearly twice the elevation Leadville Home - Leadville Historic District, Colorado of Colorado’s famous Mile High City, Leadville’s elevation at 10,152 feet makes it one of the highest cities in the United States. With its rich deposits of gold, silver, lead and the majority of the world’s molybdenum, Leadville played a huge role in Colorado’s mining history.
     Drawn into the area by the discovery of placer gold in nearby Oro City, huge deposits of silver, zinc and lead were discovered in discarded mine tailings. Leadville went on to become the largest silver camp in the state and Colorado’s second largest city.
     Today, Leadville is known for its festive atmosphere. Tourists are drawn to its wonderfully Leadville Home - Leadville Historic District, Colorado restored Victorian style buildings, such as the Delaware Hotel, Tabor Opera House, City Hall and St. George’s Church. Located at the junction of U.S. Route 24 and SR 91, and lying among the dramatic peaks of the Rockies, Leadville is recognized with a National Historic Landmark District designation. Thanks to an EPA superfund, the town’s mines are considered 98 percent clean. Leadville's exceptional history of mine owners, millionaires, swindlers and colorful luminaries are rediscovered daily throughout its wide streets, brightly painted homes, Victorian bed & breakfasts and prominent 19th century buildings.

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