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Cass Train at the Whittaker Gate - Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Cass, West Virginia

Photos by Chris Muller
Chris's Steam Photos

     Lumbermen worked around the clock, six days a week, stripping trees from West Virginia's Cheat Mountains, Cass Railroad Depot - Cass, West Virginia keeping the largest lumber mill east of the Mississippi well fed. During its heyday, the mill produced a quarter million board-feet of lumber a day. Two of its most famous customers were Orville and Wilbur Wright. Rugged Shay Locomotives, an essential part of the logging business, transported logs up and down the steep mountain grades. The Shay's unique drive system, using 3 and 4 - four wheeled trucks, were designed to run over uneven track and exceptionally steep grades.
     Here at the Cass Scenic Railroad State Park the excitement of steam powered locomotives continues today. Cass Scenic Railroad - Cass, West Virginia Pictured here, leading the pack, twin Shays rumble under the Whittaker Station Gate about four miles up the tracks from the Cass Depot. Volunteers of the Mountain State Railroad & Logging Historical Association have recreated an authentic logging camp at the Whittaker Station. Along with the incredible mountain views, the camp features a logger's quarters and a large assortment of tools. The camp also boasts having one of the rare Lidgerwood tower skidders, a railcar machine used to haul logs on an aerial cable.
     The Cass Scenic Railroad State Park offers an unforgettable railroading experience, a journey back in time when steam locomotives and log trains were heard throughout the Cheat Mountains. All are invited to enjoy this ride through West Virginia history.

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