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St. George Island Lighthouse

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Little St. George Island Lighthouse

Photos by Lou Kellenberger
Lou Kellenberger Photography

   Despite heroic efforts during the "Save the Light" campaign, a relentless surf, several Atlantic hurricanes and a disappearing beach led to the collapse of the Little St. George Island Lighthouse. The 150 year old tower, re-righted in 2001, finally gave in to the sea on October 21, 2005.
   Countless American success stories recount the days after misfortune ... and all continue with people chipping in and picking up the pieces. This exceptional lighthouse account doesn't vary. Volunteers began salvaging lighthouse material soon after its collapse. Bricks, some dating back to the original tower in 1933, were cleaned of old mortar and saved for a future lighthouse rebuild. "Met with laughter and skepticism," the volunteer group not only recovered a majority of the tower, they also saved the old lantern room to be used in the future as a pattern.
   This marvelous sunset view captures the St George Light Station steadfast handiwork and perseverance of the St. George Lighthouse Association. A job well done! The rebuilt lighthouse rests on solid ground about nine miles from its old location, and is now open to the public.
   St. George Island and St. George Island State Park are part of Apalachicola's barrier island chain, a thin stretch of sand just off the mainland in Florida's Panhandle. The park area is made up of miles of beautiful beach, a wonderful site for many water related activities. Campgrounds are offered for those that want to stay close to nature. For the rugged, a primitive hike-in campsite is also nestled in the park's oak and pine hammocks.

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