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Looking Glass Rock

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Looking Glass Rock - La Sal Junction, Utah

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Misgivings about leaving the paved highway might not limit you to Utahís more Looking Glass Rock Sign - La Sal Junction, Utah famous red rock settings, but itís the state's little attractions that sometimes create some of the most memorable adventures.
     Located in the Canyon Rims Recreation Area, Looking Glass Rock is one of those easier to find little gems. Far from the crowds of the nearby national parks, this huge rock wall was made from a large sandstone fin, complete with a picture window. Climbers find a bolted route up the southwest wall. And rappelling down through the porthole may be the highlight of this climb, but the views from the top are also quite superb. Buffeted about by a desert wind while hanging by thread will always add a ton of excitement to any climbing challenge. But you don't have to be a rock climber to enjoy this natural wonder.
     Heading south from Moab, a well graded road to the west (Looking Glass Road) at La Sal Junction leads to Looking Glass Rock. Looking Glass Road - La Sal Junction, Utah Most of the Canyon Rims' sites are remote and remain undeveloped, administered by the Bureau of Land Management. Further to the south on U.S. Route 191, several paved highways lead out to splendid Canyonlands viewpoints at the Needles Overlook and Anticline Overlook.
     Despite its location in a high-desert ecosystem, the Canyon Rims Rec Area still supports a variety of wildlife. Donít be surprised when you spook a black-tailed jackrabbit early in the morning. Pronghorn, mule deer, sage grouse, lizards and snakes also call this wilderness their home.

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