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Valley of the Gods

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Valley of the Gods - Bluff, Utah

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     There are many scenic sights Valley of the Gods Entrance Sign in and around the Blanding area, the Valley of the Gods is often overlooked. But this scenic drive is one of those must see red rock country adventures. Keeping a sharp lookout, sightseers will find the valley just to the west of the small town of Bluff on Route 163. A thin sign points the way to the valley, which is lying at the base of a very imposing Cedar Mesa. Valley of the Gods rock fin This unique plateau, soaring to 7000 feet or more, puts up a wonderful backdrop for the valley drive. Here in the Valley of the Gods, a 20 mile gravel road winds through a magnificent collection of red sandstone buttes and spires, much like the America's most famous red-rock setting to the south.
      Reminiscent of Arizona's Monument Valley, just across the border, Valley of the Gods butte and spires it's a sure bet you will have this scenic valley to yourself. At the eastern entrance some sightseers may have second thoughts as the road initially crosses a shallow wash. Usually the wash is covered with just a trickle of water, and the remainder of the way is relative smooth sailing. All that's missing at the Valley of the Gods are the crowds.
     If your journey begins from scenic Route 163, you will end up at a few more of southeastern Utah's scenic attractions. Along Route 261 you'll find the incredible Moki Dugway and a grand panoramic view from Muley Point. To the south there's Goosenecks State Park, featuring more breathtaking views of the San Juan River Basin where the river has cut huge meanders into the desert floor hundreds of feet below.

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