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Newspaper Rock

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Newspaper Rock State Historical Monument - Monticello, Utah

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   This petroglyph panel, created by archaic peoples and recent ancestal puebloans, is an intriguing part of America's visual history. Newspaper Rock State Historical Monument - Monticello, Utah Those who witness these symbols pecked into stone find themselves wondering and questioning their meaning. We may never fully comprehend the stories etched here at Newspaper Rock, but the cluster of rock art imagers gives visitors a sense of connection to life in the past. These petroglyphs, recorded on a desert varnish, are located 28 miles northwest of Monticello, Utah. Along a canyon wall on Route 211, Canyonland National Park bound visitors may stop for a brief visit to appreciate one of the largest known concentration of petroglyphs in the world.
   Researchers offer some insight of the plants and animals depicted on this sandstone cliff, but the scupltor's world of mythological beliefs may well lie beyond explantion. These haunting images are here for all to see in a rock art collection which spans 2000 years.

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