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Bicentennial Highway

Cheese Box Butte - Bicentennial Highway, Utah

Photo by Rob Jones
Trip Report

     The state of Utah is filled with historic puebloan dwellings and scenic wonders ... and the southeast region is no exception. Pictured here is a wonderful view of the Cheese Box Butte, one of the distinctive sights found on Utah Route 95. This scenic byway bisects a stark, yet striking desert land. Known as the Bicentennial Highway and also the Trail of the Ancients, this lonely highway cuts through some of the most popular scenic sights in the state.
     The byway begins in the east nearby the town of Blanding and the Edge of the Cedars State Park. Route 95 heads northwest, passing by one of the greatest concentration of rock wonders at Natural Bridges National Monument, over the Colorado River at Hite's Crossing, and ends at Hanksville and neighboring Capitol Reef National Park.
     The Bicentennial name surfaced when construction of the Hite's Crossing Bridge and highway paving was completed in time for the nation's Bicentennial year, 1976. The original crossing at the Hites area was flooded after the construction of the Lake Powel Dam. The road realignment and improvements modernized a 40 year old roadway. Some recall a rough and rocky road to Natural Bridges Monument.

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