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Beehive Geyser

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Beehive Geyser - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Photo by Chris Henn

     This beehive shaped narrow cone, appropriately named Beehive Geyser, produces quite a show in Yellowstone National Park, shooting water and steam high into the air. Mineral deposit have built this fumarole into a popular performer, spewing water up to 180 feet. The hot blast, kicking off only a few times a day, lasts four to five minutes.
     Beehive is one of eight geysers found on Geyser Hill. The most famous attraction of all, Old Faithful, is found adjacent to Geyser Hill and along the Firehole River. These unusual features seem to draw a crowd on most days that the park roads are favorable. In West Yellowstone during late spring there may still be freezing temperatures, and is not uncommon to see snow on the ground.

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