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Lamar River

Lamar River

Photo by Mark Nielsen

     The Absaroka Mountain Range runs the eastern border of Yellowstone National Park. The Lamar River and its dozen tributaries gather momentum as they flow down from the Absarokas and Mirror Plateau. Here, in this huge northeastern section of Yellowstone, there is only one paved park road. Herds of bison and elk roam the Lamar Valley and this inviting sunset view marks the time of day when visitors may be treated to sights of the park's wolves, grizzly bear, pronghorn and bighorn sheep.
     The Lamar River, flowing about 45 miles until it meets the Yellowstone River, cuts through some of the most rugged terrain in the park. Dedicated fishermen will find that the Lamar and upper Yellowstone Rivers offer some of the most exciting cutthroat trout fishing in the area, located in a scenic wonderland.



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