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West Thumb Geyser Basin

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West Thumb Geyser Basin - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Photos by Rob Jones
Rob's Trip Reports

   Human history in the Yellowstone region dates back over 11,000 years, Thermal Pool - Yellowstone National Park a place where Native Americans found superb hunting grounds and easy river transportation. Although very mysterious, Yellowstone Natives had little idea they were treading on one of the largest caldera in the world.
   Today's Yellowstone visitors still can't fathom the extent of this huge underground chamber of molten rock and a vast system of steam vents. Mud Volcano - Yellowstone National Park Over Yellowstone's figure-eight shaped loop roads, national park guests scurry from one natural wonder to the next, amazed by the boiling mud pots, crystal clear thermal pools and the park's collection of spewing geysers.
   Although West Thumb Geyser Basin is the smallest geyser basin, its location on beautiful Lake Yellowstone makes it one of the most scenic. The thumb shaped basin projects out into the lake, and continues Yellowstone Geyser - Yellowstone National Park entertain its visitors. While Lake Shore Geyser, Occasional Geyser and Twin Geyser spout off on an infrequent schedule, they constantly bubble and boil. The well-named Abyss Pool, with its emerald colored water, is the deepest pool in the park. Paint Pots, Surging Spring, Black Pool and Blue Funnel Spring are a few more of West Thumb's thermal features. Another interesting note indicates West Thumb's features are fueled by its own caldera. Although going unnoticed by park visitors, these geothermal features extend out into Yellowstone Lake.

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