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Old Faithful Geyser

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Old Faithful Geyser - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Photos by Terri Prepelka

     March 1, 2012 marked the Old Faithful Boardwalk 140th anniversary of the world's first national park, and its three million yearly visitors illustrate its continuing popularity. Centered on a massive volcanic caldera, measuring 35 by 45 miles, Yellowstone National Park's famous hot springs, boiling mud pots, travertine terraces and geysers provide much of the entertainment.
     Taking up a huge section of Wyoming's northwest corner, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the bill which created Yellowstone Park. Five park entrances offer easy access to the many sections of this two million acre park, but Upper Geyser Basin is seldom omitted from a visitor's must see list. Old Faithful Inn - Yellowstone National Park Among the park's 200 geysers, Steam Boat Geyser puts on the grandest show, shooting its scalding plume as high as 400 feet. Although itís the biggest, Steamboat Geyser's eruption patterns vary greatly. What attracts the most attention is the park's Old Faithful, erupting approximately every 90 minutes for the last 80 years. Like clockwork, the crowds slowly gather around the Old Faithful boardwalk, with last minute arrivals filling every seat and inch of the boardwalk across from Old Faithful Inn. Sending 7000 gallons of water airborne from two to five minutes, old reliable performs on cue, nearly a million times since first discovered in 1807.

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