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Great Gott Island

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Great Gott Island - Maine

Photo by Mike Davis
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     Although it's not huge, Acadia National Park is one of America's most popular parks in America's northeast. Taking in a large section of Mount Desert Island, Acadia's scenery is special. Considered as the classic Maine destination, vacationers revel in its Downeast atmosphere.
     This Maine scenery and charm spills over to a cluster of islands that surround Mount Desert Island. Just off the coast from Bass Harbor, and considered an extension of the town of Tremont, a little island group consists of Great Gott, Little Gott, Black Island and Placenta Island.
     Once an austere 19th century community, Great Gott Island is now primarily a summer getaway. One of Great Gott's famous residents was Ruth Moore. Known for her novels, poems and short stories, Moore's writings have left behind a remarkable account of life on the Big Island. The look of Great Gott has not changed much over the last 100 years. Town Road is still a dirt pathway. There is no electricity, nor any automobiles. What is missing are the hardworking residents of Great Gott Island. The Moore's fished, lobstered, gardened, and raised their children as well as chickens and a cow. Quite often the Moores took in boarders and fed summer vacationers to make ends meet. The days of eking out a living on this small Maine island have just about ended, but you'll still find over a dozen folks that support a year 'round community.

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