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Jordan Pond

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Jordan Pond - Acadia National Park, Seal Harbor, Maine

Photos by Jack Ryan
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     A century old tradition of taking tea, strawberry jam and popovers on the lawn continues at the Jordan Pond House Restaurant. Who wouldn't want to sit back and enjoy this wonderful view of Jordan Pond and the North and Nouth Bubble Mountains? Both restaurant and pond have been part of the wonderful attractions in Acadia National Park since the late 1800s. Fire destroyed the building in 1979, but with the help of private donations, the restaurant was rebuilt and is able to carry on the traditions of its famous baked popovers, homemade ice cream and scrumptious Maine seafood. Enjoying popovers on the lawn - Jordan Pond House Restaurant
      Restaurant guests will find it hard not to take the inviting hiking path around the lake. Connected to the three mile pond loop, another tempting trail leads to the Bubbles and panoramic views of the Jordon Pond, the distant Seal Harbor, and the surrounding peaks of Cadillac, Penobscot and Sargent mountains. The Deer Brook Trail, a branch from the Jordon Pond Loop, is another rewarding walk. Although the Deer Brook path is a steep climb and heavily rooted in places, it ends on one of the park's carriage roads at the Deer Brook Bridge, a doubled arched stone faced carriage road bridge. From here it's an easy return, either by the carriage road or the Jordan Pond path.
     Following the contours of the land, Acadia's auto-free carriage roads are another way to explore the park's forests and mountains. Much of Acadia's parkland was donated by John D. Rockefeller Jr, and his vision to build these carriage roads provide today's visitors a leisurely way to take in all the grand Acadia views.

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