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Somesville Bridge

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Somesville Bridge - Somesville, Maine

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Although its nickname is the Pine Tree State, Maine is best known Portland Head Lighthouse - Portland, Maine for its scenic coastline and dozens of historic lighthouses. This intricate shoreline is made up of hundreds of peninsulas, long narrow sounds, broad bays and a myriad of islands spread along the rocky coast.
   Mount Desert Island, some 13 miles wide, is the largest of Maine's islands and ranks second in size of all islands on the eastern seaboard. Somes Sound, nearly splitting Mount Desert Island in two, is one of the major highlights along the picturesque West Quoddy Head Lighthouse - Portland, Maine Sargent Drive.
   Carved by age-old glaciers, Somes Sound is rounded by highways 198 and 102 to the west. Near the head of Route 102 and the neck of Somes Sound lies the quaint village of Somesville. Along with many fine examples of old New England architecture, tree-lined streets and peaceful ponds, you'll easily spot one of the most photographed bridges in the state of Maine. Gently arching over Somes Creek, the Somesville Bridge creates a marvelous reflective scene. Decorated with roadside potted plants and set off by a tree-lined riverbank, this cottage and bridge scene begs to be photographed. Along with all the splendor of Acadia National Park, this island is just filled with photographic opportunities.

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