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Mollidgewock State Park

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Mollidgewock State Park - Thirteen Mile Woods Scenic Area, New Hampshire

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     It's hard to imagine a more tranquil scene than this view along the Androscoggin River in northern New Hampshire. Morning's cool veil of mist has disappeared and the call of the loon has faded, but the breeze has yet to stir and the glassy waters still capture fallís colorful reflections. Mollidgewock Entrance Sign Just beyond the fringes of a White Mountain leaf-peeper crowd, this quiet section of Route 16 sees very little traffic. Here at the Mollidgewock State Park, stretching out alongside the Androscoggin, contented anglers and paddlers are somewhat smug about their little secret in this quiet corner of New Hampshire.
     Nearly four dozen campsites are spaced out along the riverside, offering quick river access, running water, fireplaces, restrooms and picnic tables. One look at this river scene may have you thinking out loud, river trip!
     Just about a half hour north of Berlin, Route 16 passes through Thirteen Mile Woods Scenic Area and Mollidgewock State Park. Protected by the forest service, large stands of hemlock, spruce and pine grow right up to the water's edge. Itís quite common to see deer, grouse, otters and moose pausing along riverbank. Overhead, bald eagles, red-tailed hawks and peregrine falcons give the impression that flying is effortless. Brookies, rainbows and brown trout draw in the fly-fisherman. Androscoggin salmon, pike and bass are also eager to take an angler's offering. With plenty of elbow room, itís a fair guess that river paddlers and anglers wonít mind sharing their little corner of the Great North Woods with other wildlife enthusiasts.

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