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Cascade Brook

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Cascade Brook - Colebrook, New Hampshire

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Dixville Notch State Park, Huntinton Cascades located in the northernmost reaches of New Hampshire, surrounds one of the most unforgettable mountain passes in the state. The Notch, a sizable break in the Crystal Mountains, marks the dividing line for two of New Hampshire's watersheds. Water from the east eventually flows into the Androscoggin River, while westward flows head toward the Connecticut River. Streams on both sides of Dixville Notch, creating some of the beautiful scenery in this roadside park, are just few of the many tributaries to these two Great North Woods watersheds.
   Here in the park, on the southern side of Route 26, a park road leads to the Cascade Brook Picnic Area, as well as the tumbling Cascade Brook. Inquisitive hikers will follow the brook further up the mountain slope to see both lower (inset) and upper waterfalls of the Huntington Cascades. Within a short distance, on the other (northeast) side of highway, it's another easy walk to the Dixville Flume, also called the Baby Flume. Especially spectacular in the spring with snowmelt runoff, these scenes are also very picturesque in the fall.
   When approaching Dixville Notch from the southeast, visitors are easily Balsams Grand Resort Hotel enticed to continue on through the pass where the Notch opens up and Lake Gloriette appears below. Here the Balsams Resort Hotel (inset) has been entertaining guests since the late 1860s. Placed among dramatic mountain scenery, the resort grounds take in over 15,000 acres. Cross country and alpine skiing trails offer plenty of winter recreation, while summertime guests make the most of an 18 hole championship golf course, fittingly called the Panorama. The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel is one of a handful of upscale hotels that remain from the 19th century.

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