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Beaver Brook Falls

Beaver Brook Falls Natural Area - Colebrook, New Hampshire

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Not far from the Canadian border, Colebrook is the largest town in New Hampshire's Coos County. North of the famous White Mountains region, Colebrook's history dates all the way back to the late 1700s when Colonial Governor John Wentworth re-granted the town's charter. Noted for its excellent soil, Coos County was a favorable area for growing potatoes. Its abundant forests along Beaver Brook also placed Colebrook at the center of the lumbering industry.
     As anyone would imagine, those in Colebrook must have enjoyed Beaver Brook Falls over the past centuries, just as the Great North Woods visitors do today. The 80 foot Beaver Brook Cascade is the extraordinary centerpiece of Beaver Brook Falls Scenic Area. The small wayside park offers a picnic area and pavilion just off Route 145. One of the most scenic areas in New Hampshire's North Country, the Beaver Brook Falls is considered one of the top waterfall sites in the state.

   Beaver Brook Falls Map


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