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Moose Brook State Park

Moose Brook State Park - New Hamshire

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Shooting outdoors without a flash in low light can be quite challenging and intimidating for some, but with pratice it may ultimately yield a few rewarding photographs. Common long exposure photos often capture a city scene with a streaming line of headlights and tail lights, or a spiraling view of stars in the night sky.
     Here in New Hampshire at the Moose Brook State Park, this 14 second exposure of Moose Brook captured the subtle glow of a sun that no longer offered any light to the naked eye. Photographed more than two hours after sundown, it's remarkable how much light still remains in the sky.
     Centered on the confluence of Perkins Brook and Moose Brook, the 774 acre Moose Brook State Park features a swimming area, bathhouse, camping area and spectacular White Mountains scenery. The Coos County park opened in 1934 and remains an excellent example of a Depression Era CCC project. The 1930s administration building is still in use, a salute to Roosevelt's Tree Army.
     Moose Brook, a tributary of the Androscoggin River, begins in a notch in the Crescent Mountains called Ice Gulch. Dropping down Peboamauk Falls, the river continues through the park to Gorham, where it joins the Androscoggin. Open from May through October, this White Mountain area is extremely popular in the fall season. The White Mountain scenery can be magnificent when autumnís foliage peaks during the first two weeks of October.



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