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Monhegan Island

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Monhegan Island - Maine

Photos by Betsy Kellenberger
Betsy Kellenberger Photography
Lighthouse inset from WikiMedia-Iogdka

   Monhegan Island, located about 12 miles from the mainland, is one of the best examples of a pure and venerable Maine community. LightHouse - Monhegan Island, Maine Inhabited by European settlers for nearly 400 years, the island is found without paved roads or automobiles. Its 75 permanent residents lead an unhurried life where the economy still revolves around their catches from the sea. This rocky island, covering nearly a square mile, was able to retain a section of wilderness land. Island guests as well as local residents enjoy the islands pristine rocky coastline and 12 miles of woodland trails.
   Appearing in this signature Maine scene are the crisp lines of the Monhegan Museum. Located on the highest point of the island, the mid 1800's light-station now doubles as museum, documenting the cultural heritage of the islanders. The original light-station dates back to 1822, when the U.S. Congress appropriated 3000 dollars to build the first Monhegan Island Artist lighthouse and keeper's station. Accessed only by ferry, the museum manages to welcome 6000 guests per year. Although the tower is closed to the public, the museum is open from July through September.
   Itís easy to imagine this historic island has attracted more than its share of artists and photographers. The island's romantic atmosphere has inspired an artist colony since the late 1800's. A string of notable artists include Rockwell Kent, Robert Henri, George Bellows and Jamie Wyeth. Apparent from this quaint island scene, itís easy to visualize a reason for the strong artistic attraction.

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