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Whitehead Island Lighthouse

Whitehead Island Lighthouse - Maine

Photo by Lou Kellenberger
Lou Kellenberger Photography

     Way back in the Jefferson era, Penobscot Bay residents and mariners enjoyed its first lighthouse on Whitehead Island in 1803. No longer relying on the island's white granite rocks for guidance, the 41 foot octagonal wooden tower was built on a stone foundation and lasted about 25 years.
     One of the foggiest areas on the Maine coast, the Whitehead Island Light-station received its first fog bell in 1829. A new stone lighthouse and keeper’s quarters followed in 1831. The lighthouse, light-keeper and his family became the center of attention on the island. Stories of daring sea-rescues always seem to enliven island conversations. With the addition of a school house, the light-station became the hub of the community within the Penobscot Bay Islands.
     The light-station and all its fond memories still survive today. Although the lighthouse has been automated and now runs on solar power, the lighthouse remains an active aid to navigation. In keeping with the Maine Lights Program, authorized by Congress, the light-station was conveyed to a private enterprise. Outfitted with modern optics, the Whitehead Island Light is still a favorite stop for bay bound tour boats. Although the lighthouse is not open for official tours, the freshly refurbished keeper's house is available for rent during certain times of the year.      Area Map



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