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Euharlee Covered Bridge

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Euharlee Covered Bridge - Euharlee, Georgia

Photos by Ben Prepelka
Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Located among the broad fields of corn, cotton Sunflower Field - Euharlee, Georgia and sunflowers ... and under the gaze of the huge Bowen Power Plant (one of the largest coal-fired plants in North America), the small town of Euharlee attracts a steady flow of visitors that come to see one of the few remaining covered bridges in Georgia. The Euharlee name has been around long before the first settlers arrived in the early 1800s. Meaning "she laughs as she runs" according to the Creek Indians, the Euharlee name applies to both the community as well as the broad Bowen Power Plant - Euharlee, Georgia creek that flows through the Historic High Country.
   Early residents soon discovered that the Euharlee Creek quickly swelled after a summer thunderstorm, making it impossible to ford. When a grist mill was established on Euharlee Creek in the 1840s, Euharleeville quickly expanded. Residents called on the son of famous bridge builder Horace King, Washington King, to rebuild a Town lattice bridge in 1885. According to historic records, the first bridge was swept away by floodwaters. Unfortunately, the Nelson family was carried away with it, Euharlee Bridge - Euharlee, Georgia with only the two young sons surviving the misfortune. The replacement timbers still retain some of assembly markings used to erect the bridge on site. You'll notice in this view the necessary long approach ramp to the bridge, as Euharlee creek continues to widen the riverbed with powerful currents.
   Sometimes called Lowry Covered Bridge, a small park area surrounds the Euharlee Bridge. A small local museum, once the area's general store, is adjacent the bridge.

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