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Mitten Ridge Scramble

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Mitten Ridge - Sedona, Arizona

Photos by Rob Jones
Rob's Trip Reports

   Sedona is many things to many people. For first time tourists, it's an introduction to Arizona's vivid red rock scenery, Eyelet Peeper - Munds Wagon Trail plus the town's trendy boulevard shops, vortex gurus, aura cleansing and a brief look into very old Sinagua Indian history. As outfitters, tour guides and artisans all clamor for tourist's dollars, this splendid natural setting takes on the bustle of large manmade attraction. With helicopter tours circling overhead and pink jeeps dotting the slickrock countryside, frequent visitors begin to search for the real Sedona that first attracted Carl and Sedona Schnebly over a hundred years ago.
   Long before the modern Schnebly Road was built in the 1930s, cattleman Jim Munds moved his herd from Verde Valley to the summer pastures at Munds Park. By the late 1800s this cattle route was transformed into a wagon route by growers and ranchers, shaving off a day's journey to Flagstaff. The historic Munds Wagon Trail Proboscus Arch - Munds Wagon Trail was recently rediscovered by forest service personnel, and resurrected as another Sedona hiking trail. Today, those who wish to escape busy tourist attractions, such as Bell Rock and main street shops, the Munds Wagon Trail and a Mitten Ridge Scramble have all the makings of an intimate red-rock adventure. Heading toward the north-facing cliffs, expect to do some scrambling to reach the Mitten Ridge Eyelet Arch, Proboscis Arch, and exceptional Sedona views from this lofty perch.

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