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Coffee Pot Rock

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Coffee Pot Rock - Coffee Pot Rock Road, Sedona, Arizona

Photos by Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly Photography

     Sedona, one of the most beautiful places in America, is known the world over for its majestic, red rock monoliths. A vacation destination Coffee Pot Rock - Sedona, Arizona for millions, Sedona is set in the midst of a rumpled land with a dozen named canyons. Located on the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau, this diced up topography was the result of long term erosion. Among the most popular landmarks, Sedona's rock formations have taken on some unique names, such as the Cow Pies, Courthouse Butte, Queen Victoria, Snoopy Rock and Bell Rock. Pictured here is Coffee Pot Rock, dusted with a thin layer of winter snow. Perhaps lost on the modern generation, this is great-grandma's coffee pot, not a modern day Mister Coffee or Keurig Coffee Maker. Located along route 89A and Coffee Pot Road, Old Style Coffee Pot - Sedona, Arizona the Coffee Pot Rock is one of the memorable sights on any Sedona tour.
     It'd be unfair to talk about Sedona without the mention of its art galleries, distinctive shops, hiking trails, horseback riding trails , mountain bike paths and luxury resorts. Well known for spiritual renewal as well, the Sedona area offers just about anything a visitor may desire. Looking for a quick break from the desert scenery, a short drive into the Oak Creek Canyon introduces an altogether different aspect of Arizona scenery. Just to the north of Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon is a haven for the hiker and sightseer. Here, the canyon is covered in a ponderosa pine forest, and blazed with many alluring hikes into the Oak Creek's side canyons. There are dozens of good reasons why the Sedona area is one of the most popular destinations in the American West.

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