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Snoopy Rock - Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona, Arizona

Photos by Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly Photography

     Arizona's Sedona, one of the most beautiful places in America, is home to many majestic red Snoopy Rock - Sedona, Arizona rock monoliths. And there's no better way to enjoy this magnificent countryside than conducting your own sightseeing tour or with one of the local tour guides. Snoopy Rock, named for the loveable Peanuts character, is one of the notable sights along Schnebly Hill Road.
     While Sedona is known as a place of spiritual renewal, shopping, hiking, horseback riding and luxury resorts, most visitors come to see the incredible scenery of Sedona. Custom Jeep tours are available to take in all the picturesque sights, Downtown City Street - Sedona, Arizona including Coffee Pot Rock, Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock. For those looking to see the sights on their own, a trip up Schnebly Hill Road is one of the best ways to experience Sedona.
     Named for husband and wife, Sedona and Theodore Carlton Schnebly, Schnebly Hill Road climbs more than 2000 feet and provides a birds-eye-view of the city below and great views of the brilliant red-rock countryside. After the pavement ends, the road continues for miles over a rugged dirt track. Coffee Pot Rock - Sedona, Arizona Built in the 1930s, Schnebly Hill Road bypassed the old Munds wagon road. Recently rediscovered, the faded route was resurrected as a hiking trail. For a close-up and more personal views of this marvelous Sedona scenery, Schnebly Hill Trail climbs steadily up the west face of Schnebly Hill, providing a panorama of Munds Mountain, Bear Wallow Canyon and plenty of Sedona's iconic desert scenes. Named for 19th century rancher Jim Munds, Munds Mountain Trail continues from Schnebly Hill Trail. After a steep ascent, climbing 500 feet in a little over a half-mile, hikers may look out over Jacks Canyon and the rim country all the way to the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff.

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