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Cathedral Rock from Red Rock Crossing - Sedona, Arizona

Photo by Andy Cook
Andy Cook Photography

     This signature view of Red Rock Crossing is one of the most photographed areas in Sedona, and one of the most recognizable images of the American Southwest. The crossing had been in place over Oak Creek for over 40 years until 1978, when a major flood washed out the road. Plans of bridge reconstruction continued for years, studies were made, proposals offered and opposition raged until the bridge debate wore itself out.
     Pictured here is a view from Crescent Moon Recreation Area, a great place for a picnic lunch. The rec area is an inviting spot to sprawl out in the shadows of the iconic Cathedral Rock. At times this popular setting draws a crowd, swimming, wading or just soaking up the sun along the banks of Oak Creek. As evening approaches, photographers scout out the best angle when the setting sun lights up the Cathedral. Trails on either side of the creek offer a wonderful wooded hike. The south trail, along the creek, climbs to the top of Cathedral Rock.
     One of Sedona’s special attractions is its extensive network of hiking trails. Varied in their degree of difficulty, from the easy to strenuous, Oak Creek is a hiker's paradise. The area also has a web of biking trails, some of which mix biking and hiking. With biking's ever increasing popularity, new paths are being added all the time. Sedona’s latest addition follows the Red Rock Scenic Byway.
     Just five minutes from the heart of Sedona, this picturesque location is just one of the famous Sedona landmarks. The area is just loaded with activities for outdoor lovers. And with so many things to see and do, it may be difficult to select just a few. A good time may include exploring Sedona's secret canyons, taking off on a red-rock trail, or soaking up the splendor at Red Rock Crossing.

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