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Hollands Grist Mill

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Hollands Grist Mill - Milbank, South Dakota

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     When it comes to this prairie windmill, the Dutch sounding name of Hollands may be somewhat misleading. Hollands Grist Mill was completed in the 1880s, and featured an Englishman's design. Built by Henry Hollands, the mill operated until 1907, grinding grain and sawing lumber for Milbank residents for three decades. While most American mill designs were usually water powered, this historic mill was built to take advantage of South Dakota's prairie winds.
     Preservationists of Milbank The Fantail - Hollands Grist Mill, Milbank, SD recognized the significance of the old mill and set their sight on raising $500,000 for renovation. Needing a major restoration, the project was stretched out over the years, utilizing a volunteer workforce. A few devoted fans spent many weekends applying their wood working skills on this Milbank landmark. Details of the old mill include an unusual wooden main drive wheel (a clever safety feature), to its huge sail frames and the fully working mechanisms of the fantail.
      There's something remarkable about the old mill's attraction, evident through its laborious hands-on preservation and steady stream of visitors. The Hollands Grist Mill was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1981 and continues to intrigue Grant County visitors today.

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