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Squirrel Point Lighthouse

Squirrel Point Lighthouse

Photo by Lou Kellenberger
Lou Kellenberger Photography

     The Kennebec River flows southward from the Augusta area, through Merrymeeting Bay and out into the Atlantic Ocean. Arrowsic Island is surrounded by the mount of the Kennebec and was one of the first settlements in Maine. Squirrel Point Lighthouse, part of the Kennebec Lighthouse Tour, marks the southern tip of Arrowsic Island.
     Built in 1898, with only outbuilding additions and minor improvements, the small wooden framed tower and station building had undergone little change over the last 100 years. A strong controversy arose in 1996, when a non-profit group took possession of the light-station. A few years later, the property was placed on the market for sale, with a half a million dollar price tag. A great furor erupted as local residents cried foul! It wasn't until 2005, U.S. Federal District Judge D. Brock Hornby restored order. The property would revert back to the federal government, managed through the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act.



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