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Seguin Island Light Station

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Seguin Island Light Station, Georgetown, Maine

Photos by Robert Ballard
Robert Ballard Photography

   Located off the coast from Popham Beach, Seguin Island is often considered to be one of the foggiest places on earth. Seguin Island Light oil house Shrouded in fog for as long a hundred days out of a year, the lighthouse marks the southern extremes of the Kennebec River. Receiving its first lighthouse in 1795, today's lighthouse was the third built on this small island. Serving as a coastal beacon and marking the entrance between two rocky peninsulas, the lighthouse is perched on the island top about 150 feet from sea level. This is Maine's highest lighthouse and remains functioning as a navigational aid. Powered by a rare first order Fresnel lens, this light station is among the most fascinating lighthouses on tour along the coast.
   The Friends of Seguin Island Lighthouse, taking over as maintenance crew, the official island welcoming committee and lighthouse tour guides, have secured a lifetime lease. Although the U.S. Coast Guard still conducts periodic checks on Seguin Island Light Fresnel Lens the light and fog horn, the Friends have the duties of maintenance and any restoration projects of the light station buildings. They've also established five hiking trails on the 64 acre island and set up a museum and gift shop. Most lighthouse tour visitors will quickly understand why the Henry-LePaute lens is one of the most talked about features of the light station. Standing 12 feet tall, the first order lens is considered irreplaceable and a most priceless jewel, taking center stage on the lighthouse tour.
   The light station is open to visitors from Memorial Day to Columbus Day.

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