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Happy Corner Covered Bridge

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Happy Corner Covered Bridge - Pittsburg, New Hampshire

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Although they're not unique to New Hampshire, covered bridges are a large part of the state's scenic countryside. Perry Stream - Pittsburg Village During a peak period, New Hampshire utilized nearly 400 covered bridges around the state. And because of their ever shrinking numbers, New Hampshire was the first state to specifically protect these historic bridges by law.
   Broken into seven travel regions, New Hampshire's 45 covered bridges are spread throughout the state. Even though the northernmost Great North Woods Region has relatively few roads and towns, the area still manages six of these historic landmarks. An area known best to naturalists, snowmobilers and hunters, the Pittsburg area is often called the Final Frontier. Once neither part of the United States Happy Corner Bridge South Entrance - Pittsburg Village or Canada because of a border dispute, southern New Hampshirites think of Pittsburg as Way the heck up there!
   Still certified as an E-2 bridge, carrying nominal traffic, the Happy Corner Bridge was built sometime in mid 1800s. One of the oldest bridges in New Hampshire, Happy Corners Bridge crosses Perry Stream, supported by a Paddleford truss.
   One of the most lovable stories about Happy Corners village tells of an older gentleman who lived by the bridge in the late 1800s, a proud owner of a Victrola. His penchant for song and dance coaxed neighbors to join in the festivities at this Happy Corner.

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