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Superstition Mountains Scenic Byway

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Superstition Mountains - Arizona

Photos by Rob Jones
The Wilderness Vagabond

   Up from Apache Junction on Arizona's Weaver's Needle scenic Route 88, a highway that passes by the Lost Dutchman State Park, leads to an uphill climb into the Superstition Mountains. This scenic byway borders on the edge of wilderness land and threads through the rocky ridges and a distinct desert country. A land covered in mesquite, jojoba, menacing prickly pear and jumping cholla. The large Saguaro Mature Saguaroarms seem to wave off intruders with a warning, "careful where you step".
   Weaver's Needle, a towering volcanic remnant, dominates the landscape with its 1000 foot tall neck. This area consists of a land formed by hot magma, both above (extrusive) and below (intrusive) the earth's surface. Although the area has never been proven to be highly mineralized, the legend of the Lost Dutchman's Mine continues to lure the curious, as well as the determined believers. A rich vein of gold, indicated by the needle's shadow, has eluded thousands of prospectors since Jacob Waltz left behind clues in 1891.

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