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Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta

Photo by Alastair Allan
Alastair's Photo Gallery

Recent advancements in measuring equipment have boosted Mount Shasta's elevation to 14,179 feet. This majestic peak, part of the Cascade Range stands alone, not connected with another group of mountains. Its abrupt rise from the Shasta Valley has grabbed everyone's attention, starting with the first inhabitants about 7,000 years ago. Volcanic eruptions were reported from 1786 through the early 1800s. Fumaroles, strong evidence that the volcano is still alive, keep the U.S. Geologic Survey Team busy. Similar to Mount St. Helens, predictions when the next eruption could occur can only be estimated.
Mount Shasta, second highest peak in the Cascades, is classified as a stratovolcano. Reshaped by numerous pyroclastic flows and enormous landslides, this member of the Cascade Volcanic Arc is the most voluminous volcano in the range. Made up of four volcanic cones, Mount Shasta's Shastina Cone would rate third largest in the range if it stood by itself. Nearby California's Interstate 5, and shadowing the old Siskiyou Trail, Mount Shasta has been a popular climb since 1887 upon arrival of the Central Pacific Railroad. This view, with wind whipped snow, gives all indications of a chilly climbing experience.



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