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Castle Crags

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Castle Crags - Castella, California

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Jutting upward from the I-5 corridor and Sacramento River Valley, Castle Crags rises 4500 feet to the tips of its jagged cluster of spires. _Entrance Sign - Castle Crags State Park These scarred remnants of a glaciated Trinity mountaintop create the centerpiece of Castle Crags State Park and one of the more popular hiking destinations in northern California. Park visitors also enjoy swimming and fishing in the Sacramento River, as well as the park's 28 miles of hiking trails.
   The five mile (round trip) Crags Trail tests the will of California hikers as it gains 2200 feet in 2.5 miles. Enthusiastic hikers may continue on a steeper grade, connecting with the Pacific Coast Trail,Mount Shasta from Castle Crags Indian Springs. Proceeding to the trail's end at Castle Dome will certainly earn a few bragging points.
   For those just wanting to get a good peek at Castle Crags, the campground entrance road leads up to Vista Point. It's a good idea to take this very narrow, winding climb at a snail's pace, as other cars may be returning from the overlook. Once at the top, a short half mile pathway leads around to Vista Point where visitors are rewarded with views of both Castle Crags and Mount Shasta in the distance.

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